Serve One Another…

“Nothing disciplines the inordinate desires of the flesh like service, and nothing transforms the desires of the flesh like serving in hiddenness. The flesh whines against service but screams against hidden service. It strains and pulls for honor and recognition. It will devise subtle, religiously acceptable means to call attention to the service rendered. If we stoutly refuse to give in to this lust of the flesh, we crucify it. Every time we crucify the flesh, we crucify pride and arrogance.” – Richard Foster
O God, Allow me to serve in a manner in which You alone receive the Glory. I must continue to die to this flesh so that you might be glorified through it.  If my name and deeds are only mentioned aloud once, let it be when I stand before you on that great day of the Lord so that I may not boast of myself.
I pray each of us lose ourselves in service to the Lord.  Let my actions and words be towards you continiously. When people see me, let them Praise You for the work you’re doing in me. Let them not place faith in me, but rather He who is in me. Strengthen me Lord to cast down this prideful heart, to pick up my cross and follow You. Prick my heart Lord so that it may be broken under your admonishment,  yet joyful in admonishment as well. For it is in the moments of correction that you affirm your Promise to me.
I pray this prayer not only for myself, but for each and every one of you so that He alone would receive the reward for His suffering.

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  1. derek

    Praise the Lord!

    • Rhonda

      Thanks be to JESUS your telling it good on here, I was blessed and tk you for this!

  2. Deborah

    Titus 3:3
    “For we ourselves also were sometimes foolish, disobedient, deceived, serving divers lusts and pleasures, living in malice and envy, hateful, and hating one another.”
    Lord, help me to lose myself in service to YOU.

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