“And the God that answereth by Fire, let Him be God”

Recently while mowing my lawn, begrudgingly enduring the high 90 degree weather, I enjoy taking that time to think, speak and listen to the Lord. During this time, and quite possibly motivated by the blazing sun, and staggering heat, I remember voicing this question during my chore. “God, why don’t you answer by fire anymore?” My question arose as I had cast my eyes in the distant sky overlooking my back yard, and my imagination wondered what it would be like to see the pillar of fire that guided Israel through the wilderness. Subconsciously, this feeble mind believed that if God would simply show the signs and wonders that He showed unto the children of Israel, then surely we would see an awakening, a revival break out. And thus my mind said, God why don’t you simply show yourself by fire once again?

            Instantly, the Spirit began to rebuke me, and in turn, the Holy Spirit answered in the form of a question. “Why would you think I no longer answer by fire?” I began to ponder the response, and the realization hit me like a ton of bricks, and to be quite honest, had I not been attached to the mower, I would have taken a shout break right there in the back yard. God began to speak to me through the Holy Spirit and I began to worship Him amongst the grass clippings.

            My question, while ridiculous, was, if nothing else, an honest question of my desire to see this world saved, simply a misguided question. My God still answers by fire. While my mind envisioned a pillar of fire rising up from the earth, I could only imagine the awe in which those who looked upon it would feel. The power it would radiate, after all, this pillar of fire was the Spirit of the Living God! How insignificant would we feel in its presence?

            And yet, the Lord brought to mind another fire He started, one that has yet to go out. That fire began in the book of Acts, and fell upon each of those assembled in the upper room, but not only those, but it fell upon countless others after that point. It fell on me 2 years ago, and since that day, it has burned within me day by day. This Holy Ghost fire still burns today, in those who seek Him diligently. As I began to think and meditate on this, the Lord showed me how each Holy Ghost believer should also radiate the same awe and wonder to this world around us, for it’s the same Spirit that inhabits us that inhabited the pillar in the wilderness! The same Fire that licked up the water on Mt.Caramel lives in me. Do others see that fire in me, and wonder why I have joy even in sorrow? Why I have peace even in trials? Have I allowed that fire to burn as it was intended? This fire in me, it strengthens me to endure the valleys. This fire ensures me victory in battle, it provides hope in despair. It provides light in darkness, and it renews me day to day.

            This fire burns and try as it might, the world can’t put it out, Satan has done everything he can to diminish it, to throw water upon it, he’s raged against it daily, but Praise God! It still burns within me and tells me I can make it! Without it I’d have fallen long ago, but I find that I can’t lie still when this fire gets a hold of me, and I understand what Jeremiah proclaimed “But his word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I was weary with forbearing, and I could not stay“.

            While at times we might think God isn’t moving in the way we would like, remember, we don’t need the pillar of fire to light the sky before us, for He has put that fire INSIDE us. My God still answers by fire, every time a believer broken before a Holy God is filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost, God has once again answered by fire, and He has equipped you with the all the power of Heaven to go forth and show this world that God indeed still does answer by fire.

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  1. Raylene Abner

    Fabulous Derek, and you are so right. We all need to remember this and let the fire show.

  2. Deborah

    At the risk of being prejudiced about the writter of this post, I say AMEN! wonderfully said.
    I love to know that my “child” walks in faith.

  3. doug

    Very good post derek

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