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Feel free to browse our site in hopes of learning more about us. The Links  listed are here to give you a brief history of our church, other ministries we are involved with, as well as our Statement of Faith.


Anchor of Hope Ministries

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  1. ethan

    Everything looks great

  2. We enjoyed being with you all on Sunday November 27. Thank you for all of your kind hospitality. May God bless you for being so good to us and responding to His Word. I have posted some pictures of he day on our blog.

    The site redesign looks great…



  3. Julie

    I would like to thank Bill Lamb and The Anchor of Hope church for helping laying my Grandmother to rest. The church is so beautiful. Bill you did a wondeful job, I think you gave the most needed message to our family. We are a beautiful family but we are a broken family. I would ask that you and the church keep our family in you prayers in hopes that the people that heard His spoken word will repent and see the light. Your message might be the only message they hear for a long time, so I pray that there were some seeds planted. Bill you are the first pastor I remember in my life and you voice lights up the Heavens. Thank you for bringing God into my grandmother’s life and into mine. God Bless you, your family, and the Anchor of Hope Church.

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