Paster LambUnlike many testimonies that we rejoice to hear of those who came to salvation in Christ from a totally unchurched background, my story is different. Born August 31, 1945 into the godly home of Willard and Myrtle (Turner) Lamb in Oregonia, Ohio just a few miles from the place I now pastor, I and my 11 siblings were introduced early on to daily prayer, bible reading and Christian life values modeled for us by our parents. My life would be forever impacted not only by my parents, but also by those in the Corwin Pentecostal Church where we faithfully attended services four times each week in those formative years. Men like my great uncles, James Preston (J.P.) Lamb and his brother Mike Lamb who were my first pastors and a couple of pioneers of the Pentecostal message brought to this area. Men marked by prayer and humility that moved under an anointing of the Holy Ghost that would manifest itself in signs and wonders and many brought under the conviction of sin would come to Christ in repentance. In the church were also teachers like Conrad Purkey and Sanford Lainhart who would say of his experience of being filled with Holy Ghost, “It fit me better than a tailor made suit.” And how can I forget Sister Vina Purkey who showed me the love of Jesus and instilled faith in my young heart as she taught me those bible stories in that basement Sunday School classroom. Brother Sherman Cook also taught me in those adolescent years, and would be the pastor under which I would come to know Christ.

So much could be said about others who impacted my young life, but let me fast forward to the time of accepting Christ. I had always known from a child that I wanted the God I had witnessed in my Parents and I also knew I was not a Christian simply because I was born into and raised in a Christian home. However it was not until I was nineteen years old and hearing a testimony by Brother Mack Couch at the Dodds Pentecostal Church about his coming to Christ only after the death of an infant daughter that my heart was opened to receive Christ. As I sat in that service with my wife and our baby boy, the Holy Spirit convicted me that the sin in my life and the goodness of God brought me to repentance and salvation on January 31, 1965. About one year later I would receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. I would continue to be mentored in the things of God under the leadership of Pastor Sherman Cook and later Pastor James Coffman. I worked with them for the next ten years ministering in various capacities teaching, a teen class, preaching, serving as Superintendent of Sunday School and singing.

In the winter of 1974 I was asked if I would consider the pastorate of this congregation and after much prayer and consultation with my wife Norma, knowing she would be a vital part of the ministry, I accepted the call. On January 11, 1975 with my high school sweetheart (we had married November 15, 1963), and three young sons (two more would be added later), we said our goodbyes to the church family that we had come to love at Dodds Pentecostal Church and began the work that has continued for over 34 years. I am blessed to have a compassionate wife who is my prayer partner, sounding board, and as a student of the scriptures, a wise counselor to myself and many others. This congregation and I are very pleased to have her as our “First Lady” of Anchor of Hope Church. Norma and I have been especially blessed to see our sons and their families serving God and pursuing the ministries God has given them. Our four married sons and their wives have blessed us with five beautiful granddaughters, two handsome grandsons and very recently our first great grandson.