EJ Lamb

Sunday p.m. EJ Lamb 7-16-17

Sunday p.m. EJ Lamb 7-9-17

Sunday a.m. EJ Lamb 7-9-17

Sunday p.m. EJ Lamb 7-2-17

Sunday p.m. EJ Lamb 6-25-17

Sunday p.m. EJ Lamb 6-18-17

Sunday p.m. EJ Lamb 6-11-17

Sunday p.m. EJ Lamb 5-14-17

Sunday p.m. EJ Lamb 5-7-17

Sunday p.m. EJ Lamb 4-23-17

Easter Morning – Hope Eternal – EJ Lamb 4-16-17

Sunday p.m. EJ Lamb 4-9-17

EJ Lamb – The life of the Blood 4-2-17

Sunday p.m. EJ Lamb – Give Me This Mountain 4-2-17

Sunday p.m. EJ Lamb 3-12-17

Sunday p.m. EJ Lamb 3-5-17

Sunday p.m. EJ Lamb 2-26-17

Sunday p.m. EJ Lamb 2-19-17 Building a Wall

Sunday a.m. EJ Lamb 2-19-17

Sunday a.m. EJ Lamb 2-12-17

Sunday a.m. EJ Lamb 2-5-17

Sunday p.m. EJ Lamb 1-1-17

Sunday a.m. EJ Lamb 1-1-17

Sunday a.m. EJ Lamb 12-18-16









EJ Lamb felt the calling on his life in his teenage years, and opened his life for God’s will. Since that time and through the annointing of the Holy Ghost, he has become a willing servant. His messages bring hope, encouragement, and sometimes admonishment. He has served as the Youth Pastor for nearly 10 years now, and has devoted his life thus far to see the Gospel spread to this next generation. We hope you are as blessed in hearing them as we are.

To listen, simply click on the links below. Feel free to download the sermons by right clicking and ‘save target as’. All materials are free, and we urge you to share with any who would hear.



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  1. Vickie Race

    AWESOME preaching EJ!!!! How wonderful it is to be able to listen to you on the internet!!!God Bless to all at Anchor!!!

  2. Pamela Folenius

    Proud of you cousin EJ..

  3. Pamela Folenius

    I know Grandma & Grandpa Lamb are dancing in Heaven knowing the seeds of faith they planted in our lives are bearing fruits…

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