Visiting Evangelists

We are blessed to have so many who come and fellowship with us, to preach and exhort the Word of the Lord. Those we love dearly and who will always be part of our family and Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Here, you can listen to those messages given at Anchor of Hope by those evangelists who continue to spread this Gospel far and wide. We thank you all for your ministries, sacrifice, and willingness to do the Lord’s bidding. Our prayers are continuously with you!

Sunday a.m. Darrell Turner 5-7-17

Easter Sunrise Service Bro. Rex Lloyd 4-16-17

Roger Peyton – Almost and Almost 4-9-17

Sunday p.m. Bro. Petry 3-26-17

Sunday p.m. Blaine Bowman 3-19-17

Sunday p.m. Bro. Petry 1-8-17

Monday p.m. Ron Wagers 1-16-17

Sunday p.m. Edna Wagers 1-15-17

Sunday p.m. Candlelight Service with Davy Boggs 12-18-16

Jason Bowman- A King Among The Sons

Davy Boggs- Life Stinks

Roger Peyton- Sunday Morning Preaching 12-18-11

Edna Wagers- Learning from an Old Cuss

Ron Wagers- Joy Comes In The Morning

Edna Wagers- Will My Wings Do

Ron Wagers- Tuesday Night Preaching 01-17-12

Edna Wagers- Wednesday Night Preaching 01-18-12

Rex Lloyd- The Day Death Died

Davey Boggs- Sunday Night Revival 05-06-12

Davey Boggs- Monday Night Revival 05-07-12

Davey Boggs- Tuesday Night Revival 05-08-12

Davey Boggs- Wednesday Night Revival 05-09-12

Jason Bowman – Broken Branches

Darryl Turner – I Surrender All

Bro. Skip Kincaid – Sunday Night Preaching 10-14-12

Roger Peyton – Sunday Morning Preaching 11-18-12

Edna Wagers – Sunday Morning Preaching 01-20-13

Ron Wagers – Sunday Night Preaching 01-20-13

Edna Wagers – Monday Night Preaching 01-21-13

Ron Wagers – Tuesday Night Preaching 01-22-13

Edna Wagers – Wednesday Night Preaching 01-23-13

Davy Boggs – Wednesday Night Preaching 06-12-13

Davy Boggs – Friday Night Preaching 06-14-13

Bro. Bill Peppers – Sunday Night Preaching 09/15/13

Bro. Kincaid Sunday Night 10-08-13

Edna Wagers -Sunday Night 01-19-14

Edna Wagers – Wednesday Night Preaching 01-22-14

Sunday p.m. Blaine Bowman 3-9-14

Sunday p.m. Davey Boggs 6-29-14

Monday p.m. Davey Boggs 6-30-14

Tuesday p.m. Davey Boggs 7-1-14

Wed. p.m. Davey Boggs 7-2-14

Sunday p.m. Pastor Petrie 8-24-14

Wed. p.m. Carl Justice 8-27-14

Wed. p.m. Don Ingram 10-1-14

Sunday p.m. Bill Pepper 11-23-14

Sunday a.m. worship Roger Paten 12-28-14

Sunday a.m. Revival Ron Wagers 1-18-15 Filthiness In The Holy Place

Sunday p.m. Revival Edna Wagers Why Weepest Thou 1-18-15

Monday 1-19-15 Revival Ron Wagers The Withering of things that are Hidden

Tuesday 1-20-15 Revival Edna Wagers Don’t Give Up On The Old Man

Wednesday 1-21-15 Revival Edna Wagers Just Stay Focused

Sunday p.m. Blaine Bowman 2-22-15

Sunday sunrise service Rex Lloyd 4-5-15

Wednesday p.m. Don Ingram 4-15-15

Sunday p.m. Darrell Turner 5-10-15

Sunday p.m. Leon Petry 7-5-15

Sunday a.m. worship Davy Boggs revival 8-2-15

Monday Night Revival Service 08-03-15

Tuesday Night Revival Davy Boggs 08-04-15

Wednesday Night Revival Davy Boggs 8-5-15

Friday 9-25-15 Mike Addison youth revival


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